Covid-19 Updates

Home Visits

In keeping up with safety measures, I will be following strict protocols I have personally put in place to create a safer and more comfortable experience during these times. 


These measures will include:

- Removal of shoes before entering home, shoes will be left outside.

- Washing hands with soap and water upon entry.

- Wearing fresh gloves and switching traveling mask to a fresh indoor mask or applying face shield 

- Washing hands at the end of session with soap and water

If there are any protocols you wish to add or need more clarification on please feel free to reach out before your appointment.

Shopping Services

Shopping Visits

As it may not be as easy and accessible to shop at many stores right now, in addition to your fashion needs, I will be picking based on the stores protocols and safety measures they have set up. Some stores have limited entry, and most require some sort of PPE to be worn during your shopping trip.

I will be personally be:

- Wearing a face mask for the duration of our appointment

- Using hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving each store

- Touching limited items to help lower the risk of any cross contamination

Please be sure to bring:

- A mask or face covering which will be worn for the duration of our appointment

- Hand Sanitizer which is to be used upon entering and leaving each store (Gloves are also okay if sanitized the same way).

- Wear tighter fitting clothing, sports wear or dresses / skirts for trying on as some stores have shut their change rooms and we may need to try on around the store.

- Bring your own reusable bag for your purchases to avoid cross contamination

Health & Safety

Extra Measures

- Please have all clothing laid out ready for Closet Clean Outs, as I would like to limit as much contact as possible with you belongings. 

- If you are feeling sick or under the weather in  any way please cancel your appointment at least 4 hours before.

- If you have come into contact with anyone else that is sick or under the weather please cancel your appointment at least 4 hours before.

- All scheduled appointments can be rebooked minimum 14 days after cancelation if you are no longer sick.