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Hot Hot Heat!

Due to Covid, it's getting a little harder to escape the heat if you are stuck at home with no AC. Everything is a little bit limited right now so going to the regular spots to cool down and hang out may no longer be an option. Waiting in long lines outside and alternative travel options are also hard to navigate with this heat wave, so I figured id put together a few of my favourite steps to beat the summer heat!


1. Get yourself a white (or light coloured) long sleeve!

Sounds crazy right? The most important thing to do, especially if you're out and about in this sunshine and heat is to stay covered. White will reflect the sunlight and keep yourself feeling a little cooler. If you're like me and can't wear white without spilling McDonalds BBQ sauce all over it, try light blues, greys or anything easier to wash (probably stay away from this all black outfit).

2. No Polyester!

Switch to natural fibers like cotton, linen, bamboo and silks. These cooler options create better airflow as well as wicking sweat away from you. This means that as you sweat, the fabric carries the moisture to the outer layer where it evaporates eliminating that gross soggy feeling.

3. Bring A Scarf or Kerchief!

Having long hair or thick hair can easily add extra weight and heat factor when trying to navigate this crazy heat. Having a silk scarf not only works as a great fashion accessory but also helps to keep your hair off your neck and out of your face. Wearing a kerchief around your neck can also help protect the neckline of your shirt from collecting any sweat stains as well. These will also come in handy when navigating crowded spaces or going into shops where face coverings are required.

4. Comfy Shoes!

Wearing heavy or overly clunky shoes can really effect your temperature, as trying to walk around with extra weight around your ankles isn't the easiest. Ankle boots and closed toes are my general staples, but right now light weight mesh or canvas runners, easy flats and sandals are more my speed. Having breathable fabrics or open shoes also help cool you down as your feet have multiple pulse points which can help with temperature regulation.

5. Grab Protection!

Literally, any hat and a pair of sunglasses. Baseball hats, fedoras, boater, wide brimmed, take your pick! They will help shield your eyes and keep the sun from beating down on your face. Having a wide pair of dark sunglasses will help keep your eyes safe from all these uv rays and help you be able to see through all the sunshine.


I hope this short guide helps you to keep cool for the next week or so of this heat wave!

Top: Vintage bustier from the 80s

Pants: Thrifted pinstripe dress pants

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