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ICYMI - Published looks in PhotoED Magazine

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I recently found out a couple looks I put together for a photoshoot have been published in photography magazine, PhotoED Magazines fall 2020 portrait issue!

The shoot goes back to December 2019, when I met up with a great group of women to put together a luxurious and decedent photoshoot, paying homage to a shoot done by Miles Aldridge with a few of the actors from the "Game of Thrones" series. Well known for their over-saturated style, reminiscent of Hollywood glamour shots from the 40's to the 60's, Aldridge is able to create total drama and luxury with lush fabrics and bright colours. This feel is something we wanted to recreate in the photosets titled 'She Bears Fruit' and 'Time Stands Still' by Jazmina Akzaiat.

'She Bears Fruit' is remenicient of old french renaissance portraits. I decided to use a frilled neck white blouse under a puffed sleeve cropped cardigan to create similar drama to those frilled necks of the period. The woven bright yellow cardigan made a modern statement and helped feature the statement earrings made by local Toronto artist Amanda Henderson (Jewelust).

'Time Stands Still' is more of an ode to that glamorous 60s Hollywood, highly stylized imagery. Think 1960's Cher Horowitz meets The Last Supper. I chose a yellow mock turtleneck smock dress and paired it with another one of Amanda Hendersons amazing jewelry pieces, this one being a pearl and wrapped metal navel length necklace with matching hand crafted wavy statement rings. We tried some cool shots with different food placements, action shots pouring (and spilling) wine as well as blowing out candles, which ended up looking super cool in the final shot.

Check out more from these shoots on my website, and let me know which shot is your favourite!

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