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This Is My Purpose

Style to me isn't just putting someone in a nice outfit, or showing them how to wear the latest fashions. To me style is deeper. It's about the connection between the person and how they want to present themselves to the rest of the world. It's loving and understanding your body through clothing and feeling confident and happy wrapped in each fabric. I want to teach others how to harness the power of clothing and not to be afraid of it. I want the individual to shine through and can accurately show the world what they want and who they are. There is no need to hide behind the words "if it fits", "I guess this is the most appropriate" "I cant afford to look like that" or " I could never pull that off!" anymore. We can find solutions that are comfortable, affordable and give you the confidence you want and do have within yourself.

Shopping isn't as scary as it may seem. Once you know your body shape, silhouette and fabrics, you will have all the tools to build an amazing wardrobe that will make you look and feel amazing. Also once you can identify the positive aspects of your body, the “negative” don't seem so severe, and you can actually use them to your advantage when shopping and styling. Have you ever thought of what makes your favourite part or aspect of yourself so good? To be honest, it's probably your most hated or part that makes you feel most uncomfortable. Every Con has a Pro that goes along with it. Find the beauty in the negatives. For instance, if you have broad shoulders and it's not your favourite thing, you might not have noticed how great your neckline and your back truly are. These are the things I will help you focus on in our sessions, not just how to wear the newest trends (although I can totally throw that in as well).

My blog will also feature some amazing people within the community and how they feel about style and fashion. I want to carve out a space for every individual to feel great about themselves as well as showcase their own talents in any industry as a one stop shop for anyone to refer, relate and draw inspiration from. I cant wait to feature individuals from all walks of life, all sizes and all genders and sexualities to show how they have harnessed the power of clothing and use style as a tool in their own life. I am so excited to showcase so many people and focus on trends that effect us as people, in comparison to focusing on trends at a celebrity and untouchable level (although celebrity style hacks will for sure be posted every once in a while).

Please feel free to comment or message me if there is anything you would like me to explore fashion wise or talk about. This blog is more so about you than it is about me, so I want to make sure all voices are being heard and any issues or problems around your own fashion are addressed and worked through post by post

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you will check out my next full outfit and blog post!

Top: Vintage Silk Wrap Blouse

Pants: Emporio Armani

Earrings: Free People

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